REVV52 | Personal Branding Photos in Calgary

When I first heard REVV52 sing back in 2013, I knew in my heart that one day, I would love to get to know them and photograph them.  Little did I know that in 3 year’s time I would actually get to do both of them!

REVV52 is a Calgary-based performance group that entertains and inspires their audience with their music and lively productions. I like this text that I found on REVV52’s website that encapsulates who REVV52 is, oh, so well:

Revv52 is what happens when you combine over 50 people with a passion for music, a love of singing and an insatiable zeal for creative adventures.

Over the course of two days, I got to meet all the REVV52 members and do their personal branding photos. It was like nothing I’ve done before – scrunching so many people in so little time… everything had to be done quick and with precision, as I had about 15 minutes with each person.  And honestly, I didn’t just want to click and move along, I wanted to capture who they were as individuals.

I spent most of those 10 minutes chatting with each person, finding out about them, letting them get a feel of my style and  wanting to bring out the best in them and capture that on camera. Some of the REVV52 members brought family photos, a lovely lady brought her home country flag, others talked about bracelets that their children made for them and they were wearing them to remind them of family and love and friendship. We talked about their life, their dreams and why REVV52 and it was the most interesting thing I have ever done!

You should definitely check out the next REVV52 concerts on their website!

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